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Seeing a surgeon doesn't mean you have to have surgery. Most of our patients are successfully treated WITHOUT surgery.

From the shoulder to the fingertips, both traumatic injury and degenerative wear and tear can prevent us from enjoying our lives. When our bodies are working normally it’s easy to take for granted simple activities like going on a bike ride or gardening. But when arthritis pain or the numbness from carpal tunnel compromises us, even shifting gears or pulling weeds can be tough. It’s frustrating not knowing if something can be done.


As an expert in the care of hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and nerve issues, Elevate Orthopedics can help you get to the bottom of things and help you understand your options.  Book an appointment TODAY as your first step to finding treatment and getting your quality of life back.


Elevate Orthopedics and Dr. Kane Anderson are proud to help local and elite athletes get back on the trail

Congrats to Durango riders, including Chris Blevins, Riley Amos, Bailey Cioppa, Ruth Holcomb and Lauren Aggeler at the UCI World Championship in Les Gets, France!

Check out Durangoan Payson McElveen's story coming back from a severe injury

Tying a Knot
Mountain Bikers
Bob K. 

I had a serious hand injury after crashing in a race. Dr. Anderson went out of his way to see me in a timely manner. He was compassionate and caring. The surgical repair went perfectly without complications. He had great postoperative followup. I am truly thankful to have had such a tremendous experience, as I use my hands for skilled work and now have both the stability and full function that I need. Need hand surgery in Southwest Colorado? See Dr. Anderson


Anna M.

After years of suffering from pain and burning in my arms and hands, I finally went to see Dr. Anderson to inquire about treatment. They were able to quickly diagnose carpal tunnel and could fix both hands in the OR in only 30 min. After a long weekend of recovery I was back to work and with in a few weeks, doing all the activities I love to do. A big thanks to Dr. Anderson and his team for this change in quality of life. 

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Beth D.

Dr. Kane Anderson successfully repaired two of my orthopedic injuries and quickly got me back to engaging in my favorite activities. He also made skillful, innovative suggestions for care which allowed me to avoid a third surgery on a different injured body part. Imagine that--a surgeon who teaches you how to avoid another surgery! That is integrity! Beyond his clear surgical excellence, he gets to know his patients and their individual needs to support the best outcomes. I love that he stays up on current medical research and both applies that knowledge to caring for patients and shares it with them if they are interested. He is one of the best doctors I have ever worked with (and there have been a lot)!

Mike M. 

Thank you Dr. Anderson for taking such great care of my wife and I. We are so lucky to have such tremendous healthcare in our small community and you are the obvious best choice when it comes to upper extremity care.  

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An independent, private practice surgeon with 20 years of experience as a board certified orthopedic surgeon and more than a decade serving in the Four Corners, Dr. Anderson specializes in hand, nerve, wrist, elbow, and shoulder surgery.

Dr. Anderson's approach to patient care is to combine the latest evidence and surgical practices with understanding a patient's individual symptoms and priorities. He utilizes both cutting-edge as well as time-proven surgical and non-surgical treatments to help you.

Click here to view Dr. Anderson's full bio and CV.


Minimally-invasive carpel tunnel surgeries performed


You choose where.
Animas Surgical Hospital or 
Mercy Hospital




1 Mercado Street #200

Durango, Colorado 81301

Fax:  970 - 828 - 0421

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