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At Elevate Orthopedics we use a TEAM approach to better serve you.

From reception, to medical assistants, to surgery scheduling, we work closely together to coordinate your care.

The result: timely and easier care for you!


The team at Elevate Orthopedics pride themselves on delivering expert care by focusing exclusively on the orthopedic issues in the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and nerves.

Image by Oladimeji Ajegbile


When you have an injury, getting timely care can mean faster relief and being on the road to recovery.  That's our priority too- we often can see you within 24 hours

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Expert care comes from focus, study and experience- our PASSION is diagnosing and treating issues from the collarbone to the fingertips- it's ALL we do!

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Getting the right care combines knowledge of the condition and listening to individual concerns,

the x-ray is only part of the story.


Seeing a surgeon doesn't mean you have to have surgery. Most of our patients are successfully treated WITHOUT surgery.

From the shoulder to the fingertips, both traumatic injury and degenerative wear and tear can prevent us from enjoying our lives. When our bodies are working normally it’s easy to take for granted simple activities like typing,  biking or gardening. But when arthritis pain, trigger finger, or the numbness from carpal tunnel compromises us, even shifting gears or pulling weeds can be tough. It’s frustrating not knowing if something can be done.


As an expert in the care of hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and nerve issues, Elevate Orthopedics can help you get to the bottom of things and help you understand your options.  Book an appointment TODAY as your first step to finding treatment and getting your quality of life back.

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